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Powering the streaming economy

Cross-Screen Video. Delivered.

Cross-Screen Monetization

Holistically manage video campaigns, audiences, and media across premium web, mobile app, and OTT environments on desktop, mobile, and CTV devices.

Multi-Integration Support

Flexible client-side and server-side configurations with multiple integration points to best support publishers’ technology needs and buyers’ preferences.

Expanded Scale & Inventory

Capture the full value of video inventory and audiences with Prebid-powered header bidding from OpenWrap, turn-key PMP deal creation, plus identity and data management.

The Convergent TV Advertising Platform

BidFuse is the convergent TV advertising platform that enables unified decisioning and monetization across Connected TV (CTV), set-top box video-on-demand (VOD), linear, and national addressable television. Leading media owners, programmers, and distributors leverage Bidfuse’s TV-first tech stack to maximize revenue and improve operational efficiency while delivering best-in-class ad experiences to their audiences. 

Open, transparent & demand agnostic

We deliver true TV-like experiences to streaming audiences. We connect SSPs to unique CTV inventory. We increase publisher yields. We deliver quality, brand-safe inventory at scale. 

OTT Header Bidding

Run a Unified auction between leading video SSPs & direct demand.

Audience Targeting

First & third party data segmentation to increase inventory value.

Server Side Ad Insertion

Dynamic ad insertion built for programmatic scale.

Ad Pod Automation

Deliver unique, non-competitive ads within your live ad breaks.

Operating uniquely as a centralized middleware layer across the entire ecosystem, BidFuse is currently connected to over 150 SSPs across all media formats – listening to this entire global programmatic bidstream. BidFuse is continuously processing, filtering for fraud & classifying inventory opportunities, layering on data and other services, then intelligently distributing it to relevant buyers across more than 130 Demand Side Technology platforms – all in real-time.

BidFuse programmatic product suite that allows consumers to engage in cross platform interactions for agencies and brands. Our programmatic video offering provides above average viewable, brand-safe and fraud-free impressions to in-market consumers on their path to activations. Integrated with our CTV or DOOH program this can provide the final touch point in the consumer's journey.

Our combined assets including trusted partnerships, powerful technology and automation, and data and identity solutions enable us to power one of the world’s largest marketplaces for premium advertising.

BidFuse offers an advanced, robust technological suite combined of a programmatic infrastructure and pluggable services and products packed as a one efficient integrated advertising platform. 

Programmatic has become a central part of digital media buying strategies, as it creates workflow efficiencies while the audience and data targeting capabilities improve campaign performance. With BidFuse programmatic ad buying platform and solutions, buyers can transact on all inventory in the specific sales channels that are best suited to accomplish their goals of achieving increased ROI, at scale, within quality environments.

An industry-leading media-buying platform, built for data-driven marketers.

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