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Next-Generation Software, Built for TV

Unified Auction

BidFuse provides the highest yielding auction decisioning engine to make sure that each impression is sold at the highest possible CPM.

Modernized Ecosystem

Signal and data foundation that allows for better supply-path optimization & algorithm decisioning.

Ad Stiching

BidFuse provides the only Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) solution on the market capable of handling the scale of programmatic.

Yield Analytics

Forecasting insights that inform more accurate planning, pacing, and decisioning for direct and programmatic selling, unlocking the benefits of data-driven yield management.

Audience Managment

With integrations to the leading Data Management Platforms, Publica provides the most advanced Audience Management capabilities in the OTT space.

BidFuse Exchange

With Prebid-powered header bidding technology, deals capabilities, and curated premium demand, the BidFuse exchange powers monetization through advanced tools to manage demand for all channels and formats.


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